Nissan Silvia (S15) – Street

The Nissan Silvia (S15) is highly sought after by car enthusiasts wanting a unique rear wheel drive vehicle that they can hop up and customize for use on the street and at the track. While the previous generation Silvia (S14) was available in the United States as the 240SX, the Silvia (S15) was never sold here and must be imported through grey market procedures. This has created a desirable mystique around this vehicle in the United States, while popularity in Japan, Australia, and some parts of Europe has remained high. Popular modifications include engine and exhaust upgrades, suspension modifications, high performance wheels and tires, and body kits. The car was popularized in the blockbuster movie franchise Fast and Furious in the movie Tokyo Drift.

Scroll to the bottom for video.


sstp-1205-01+1999-nissan-silvia-s15+cover s15_silvia_240sx_05 Nissan_Silvia_by_LSStyle HKS silvia S15 (2) arms-s15-039 2520188401_eff1f8b4a7_z 20110715-153702 6735672 0132-01nissan-s15-silvia-2



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