Nissan Silvia (S15) V100-C 1/10th Scale 4WD Touring Car from Vaterra RC

They used to live in the shadows, meeting on deserted streets and racing for pink slips or simply pride. That was until a series of Hollywood blockbusters introduced millions to their world of modified mayhem. They’re called tuners. Part grease monkey, part computer hacker, these individuals excel at taking relatively mild mannered import cars and transforming them into nitrous-breathing, turbo-boosted street brawlers. And in the tuner world, few cars are as sought after as the Nissan Silvia. Its stealthy lines and stock 240+ hp engine give a hardcore tuner plenty to work with.

Experience the excitement of street racing with this outstanding, ready-to-run replica of the Nissan® Silvia® (S15). It comes with an officially licensed body in place. Underneath the body is a versatile Vaterra® V100-C chassis with a built-in front splitter and rear diffuser, just like those on many full-scale tuning cars.


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